Pieces of my mind

I write about stuff that matters... usually. This is a link to my Google Docs main shared folder

For now, everything below this point will be an unorganized list of hyperlinks, followed by a short explanation of the point I'm trying to make.

Too much of one thing is always a bad thing. - Variety and balance is important in just about all facets of life.

The thinking behind the Human Character Sheet project. We're all human. - I see life as a video game. This is me talking about humans as if they're video games characters, and why any of it makes actual sense.

The problem responsible for all other problems. - I really hate few things more than bad parents. These are some examples of bad parents and how I blame people like them for every problem that exists in the world.

The day of love. - This is me ranting about valentines day.

It's amazing how much "worthless" is worth. - Quick points about things that have very little or no value, but are marketed and sold as if they do have value.

The problem with lying. - Lying is bad and causes unnecessary problems. Try your best to avoid doing it.

Understanding dreams. - My speculations and theories on dreaming and lucid dreaming.

Gross Misallocation of Resources. - A long piece on how humans, work, and money are the three most important resources and how all three are managed poorly and under-utilized.