Sunday, June 26, 2011

I will JUDGE you!

I decided to make something out of the many conversations that go on in the Kong chat-rooms. This is what I came up with.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Keeping busy.

Once in a while, someone will randomly start talking to me about something they read on my blog. It makes me realize that some people will actually read this, and as such, I should at least give it more attention than I currently am. It's not that I'm lazy or have nothing to write about, I've just been doing other things with my time. Like, currently I'm working 2 jobs.

Peter Townsend's Irish Collection is a rather unorthodox job. It's a small family business that travels to Irish-themed festivals to sell their product. My job, is basically to do most of the work and be the right-hand man. I drive to their house 2 hours away, then I drive Peter and all his stuff to wherever the festival is, and we stay there all weekend.

I worked a few festivals last year. I got to go to Pittsburgh PA, Cape May NJ, and Cincinnati OH. Other than Cincinnati, it was all good. This year, he offered to pay me a weekly-salary if I would work all the festivals for the year. It's hard work that consumes a lot of my weekends, but I get to travel and it's an awesome job overall.

I also work for hourly-wage at a UPS Store. It's much less exciting compared to traveling around the states to deal with seemingly endless waves of festival goers, but it's a fun and interesting job none-the-less.

And pretty much the rest of my time goes to Kong. I've been thinking I should start a separate blog specifically for Kong. That sounds like a good idea to me...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Rage not-quit"

After playing enough Starcraft2, we've encountered several individuals who have shown us a different take on the term "Rage quit".

Once the moment of certain defeat is upon them, instead of saying "gg" and leaving the game so they can get a different opponent and play more Starcraft2, they decide they are going to stick around and draw out the game as long as unnecessarily possible.

I'd call this "Rage not-quit".

There is a legitimate reason for unfaltering persistence when victory is still achievable, but when all your units are dead, and all you have is a command center in the corner of the map, what do you plan to achieve? Waste your time and mine for no reason? Mission accomplished friend.

I try to reason with these people. Explain to them, as nicely as I can, why I beat them and what they could have done to prevent this. Not surprisingly, this usually just fuels their desire to annoy me, call me a noob, and say something like "I'm just gonna afk now, have fun motherfucker"; they never actually leave, which always amuses me more than anything else.

These people fail to realize that I am not someone who is annoyed by such antics, only a bit disappointed that they can't really appreciate what makes Starcraft2 so great.

Starcraft2 is a masterpiece of a game. Able to provide a range of variance most games cannot achieve without sacrificing core balance. If you lose at a 1v1 game of starcraft, it's your fault. There is no "cheap" unit that is better than the rest, everything has a counter. There is no master tactic that will always work. There is just the knowledge and skill the player has for starcraft2, and if you have less of those than your opponent, you will probably lose.

But, anything can happen in a game of Starcraft2. That's why it's such an awesome game. This game has provided more "This is completely ridiculous! There's no reason that should have worked!" moments than any other game. Seeing everyone huddled around the ol' starcraft box is something that has become more of an occurrence. It's fun for everyone to yell and freak out at whoever is playing.

I can see why Starcraft is the biggest sport in South Korea, because it is a sport, and a damn good one.