Monday, March 21, 2011

Keeping busy.

Once in a while, someone will randomly start talking to me about something they read on my blog. It makes me realize that some people will actually read this, and as such, I should at least give it more attention than I currently am. It's not that I'm lazy or have nothing to write about, I've just been doing other things with my time. Like, currently I'm working 2 jobs.

Peter Townsend's Irish Collection is a rather unorthodox job. It's a small family business that travels to Irish-themed festivals to sell their product. My job, is basically to do most of the work and be the right-hand man. I drive to their house 2 hours away, then I drive Peter and all his stuff to wherever the festival is, and we stay there all weekend.

I worked a few festivals last year. I got to go to Pittsburgh PA, Cape May NJ, and Cincinnati OH. Other than Cincinnati, it was all good. This year, he offered to pay me a weekly-salary if I would work all the festivals for the year. It's hard work that consumes a lot of my weekends, but I get to travel and it's an awesome job overall.

I also work for hourly-wage at a UPS Store. It's much less exciting compared to traveling around the states to deal with seemingly endless waves of festival goers, but it's a fun and interesting job none-the-less.

And pretty much the rest of my time goes to Kong. I've been thinking I should start a separate blog specifically for Kong. That sounds like a good idea to me...

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