Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bananas are GREAT!

I wore my obnoxiously yellow Mario t-shirt today, in support of bananas.

I love bananas, and you should too. They're inexpensive, delicious, and nutritious.

Just check out this list of good shit eating bananas does for you.

Not to mention there's like, a zillion different recipes that utilize bananas. All of which I'm sure are delicious.

Next time you're at the store, pick up a 2lb tub of strawberry yogurt and a bunch of bananas. Then, the next time you're looking for a snack that's guaranteed to hit the spot, peel a banana, dip it in the yogurt, and enjoy! This has become my staple snack when I need a quick boost in energy and feel good.

If you need further convincing that bananas are great, just look at monkeys. They know what's up.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

If you haven't yet...

Create a Google account. I felt with how huge Google has become, having an account with them was pretty important. I put it off because I couldn't have the name "Mousethecat", but I finally got past that and now feel like I've planted my flag on the internet.

Google is a monster of a company, and I feel that they are the ones that are going to be responsible for connecting everything in the internet to each other. We're already seeing it with facebook. You can log-in to many websites simply by connecting your facebook account to that websites account. It's a very useful addition that significantly simplifies the process of participating in several online communities by allowing a person to use just one identity for all of them.

One day, you'll be able to look at your phone and have a button to check recent facebook updates, twitter posts, see what's up with your friends on xBox live and PSN, Program your DVR, see if your ebay auctions sold, see if you were outbid on an epic item in World of Warcraft, check your grades, play a game of Tetris with someone across the hallway, and do just about anything else you could possibly think of.

Oh wait...

Technology is an amazing thing. And I really want a smartphone.


People who comment "First!" on a post really piss me off. No one cares. There's a good chance someone else will actually get the first post. It's not saying anything useful. It's fucking stupid. Don't do it.

I've been feeling the need to start a blog for a while. Here it is. I have no expectations really. I just know that some people out there actually enjoy what I have to say, thank you, you guys are awesome!

As a result, I'm going to write and tinker around here, if something greater becomes of it, great!

No, I do not have a plan or general idea of what I'm going to do here. Why would I? That's like, completely counter to how I operate.

We'll see what happens, for now, I'm content with talking to myself.