Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's not really Kabam's fault.

Everything is soulbound because of a duping outbreak, so no one can trade. This is causing Kong chat to be filled with a lot more "FUCK KABAM" than usual.

There's already a thread on that's exactly what this post is about, so I'll link that here...

As of right now, it was posted 16 hours 40 minutes ago, and has 115 responses. I'd say that's a hot topic.

I'm just gonna counter some of the common complains that come up in chat.

"Kabam is ruining the game!"

As far as I know, WildShadow was trying to sell the game because they couldn't handle the increasing costs of running the game. Kabam acquired the game because they were the only company that offered to buy it. So, as far as I can tell, if Kabam didn't buy it, and no one else did, there might not even be a RotMG to play right now.

"Duping is Kabam's fault!"

I'm under the impression that it was always possible to dupe, it was just a matter of how many people knew about it, how reliable it was, and how time effective it was. WildShadow never really tired to fix duping. Kabam is at least taking efforts.

"Kabam sucks!"

Well, this one is pretty much true. There's a couple reasons for this.

1. They had nothing to do with the creation of the game, so they had to learn everything before they could do anything, and probably still don't fully understand everything.

2. I don't know how things work over at Kabam, but they're a rather large company, and own a lot of games. I imagine they only devote a small portion of their resources to Realm. They also assign different people to different tasks. The people that are being yelled at to fix the game are entirely different people from the people who are actually working to fix the game.

Now, I'm not really defending Kabam, because I happen to disagree with most of what they do and how they run things. I'm just really tired of people spewing their "FUCK KABAM" without really making a valid point or knowing what they're talking about. People should be happy they can still play the game at all.

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  1. wow.. Now i acctually like kabam:3